Branches & Chapters

WAVES has provision for having a Branch in a country and several chapters in that country. A chapter may develop activities in a given geographical area or in an academic discipline, with 20 members to start with.

Bylaws for forming Branches & Chapters (An extract from WAVES Bylaws):


Section 1:

The WAVES will have its units to be called as ‘Branches’ and ‘Chapters’. A unit of WAVES in a country shall be called its ‘Branch’, and a unit in a state or a specified region of a country a ‘Chapter’. Thus WAVES shall have Branches (and their Chapters) in other countries, and Chapters in different states of USA.

Section 2:

Initially an ad-hoc committee may be constituted by the ‘Governing Council’ for starting a Branch or a Chapter. A Branch will be founded and will exist if there are at least 30 financial members, and a Chapter will be founded and exist if there are at least 20 members who, in writing, express to form and associate with that unit. A Chapter shall, ordinarily, associate with the Branch of WAVES in that country. However, the Chapters in USA will directly associate with the central ‘Governing Council’ of the WAVES.

Section 3:

Every branch/chapter will have a ‘Branch/Chapter Governing Council’ consisting of a President, a Secretary, a Public Relation Officer, and four members, elected by members forming that unit. A Branch shall additionally have Chapter Presidents of Chapters in that country as the members of the ‘Branch Governing Council’. The term of persons serving on ‘Branch/Chapter Governing Council’ shall be two years.

Section 4:

The ‘Branch President’ of a duly constituted Branch and the ‘Chapter President’ of a duly constituted ‘Chapter in USA’ will be members of the ‘Governing Council’ (with voting rights) of the WAVES, and will have the designation of a ‘Regional Vice President’ of the WAVES.

Section 5:

The membership dues of the members associating with a Chapter/Branch shall be payable in full to the central office. For organizing an activity a the Council of a unit can request funds or may, with permission from Executive Council, raise special funds. All residual funds, unless authorized by the Board of Directors, should be transferred to the central account of the WAVES after an activity is over.